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You love to go out with your little buddy, go for a stroll, to the beach, maybe you even take it to the mall sometimes? But after a lot of walking your dog gets tired, and doesn't really want to continue the journey... we all know the problem, and we're going to fix it for you.

Simply put the dog in one of these nice backpacks and make it easy for the dog and for you to continue the journey. The dog will be so grateful that you carry him, instead of that he needs to continue the tiring walk...and maybe even better: You can continue the journey at your normal speed.

The backpack is comfortable for you, and your dog, so you don't have to worry about the dog getting hurt in the backpack... Or you getting back pain because of this backpack
You can even match the backpack with your clothes or jacket since it comes in a lot of different colors. 

  • The backpack is comfortable to wear, for you and for the dog
  • The backpack is washing machine cleanable
  • You can continue your journey on your normal walking speed when your dog is tired!
  • Your dog can rest out when its tired from walking, while you can still continue walking!
  • Many different colors are available, so it is possible to match it with your clothing and/or jacket! 
  • This product is one of our best sellers!